Residential Trash Removal Plans

We offer door step in 3 plans; 

see our rates page for more info!

Plan 1 our MOST POPULAR PLAN-weekly trash pickup of a 95 gallon can (6-8 bags)

Plan 2 is weekly trash pickup of a 65 gallon can- perfect for a two person household. (4-5 bags)

Plan 3 is weekly pickup of one 45 gallon trash can-This plan is perfect for the single resident. (1-3 bags)

Trash Removal Information

The best option

Scraps trash pickup service in York County, SC is your new solution to a really old problem.. What do you do with your trash? Here at Scraps we have the answer; we'll come fetch it! At Scraps, we do our very best to make it as simple and easy a process as possible.







Residential trash removal in york county sc

Cost of Residential Trash Removal in York County SC

Not only do we have the most efficient and convenient trash pickup services in York County, we also provide great prices and plans. Our plans are setup specifically to service only what you need and want. Instead of charging you for way more than you want, our trash pickup in York County offers different size can plans. Most homes will require the usual 95 gallon cart plan, although if you don't have much garbage you may only want a 65 gallon cart plan. You can learn more about this below!

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